miROrtho: the catalogue of animal microRNA genes

This form allows to query for:
  • A known miRNA family (e.g. "mir-204")
  • A list of known miRNA families (e.g. "mir-204, mir-205")
  • All miRNA genes in one genome (e.g. "Dere")
  • New miRNA groups (e.g. "22015")
  • "%" is the wildcard character

miROrtho contains predictions of precursor miRNA genes covering several animal genomes combining orthology and a Support Vector Machine. We provide homology extended alignments of already known miRBase families and putative miRNA families exclusively predicted by our SVM and orthology pipeline.

UCSC tracks for human, mouse and fly:

front image

If you find these data helpful for your work you may want to cite:

Gerlach D, Kriventseva EV, Rahman N, Vejnar CE, Zdobnov EM.
miROrtho: computational survey of microRNA genes. Nucleic Acids Research, 2009
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