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The Hierarchical Catalog of Eukaryotic Orthologs

OrthoDB presents a catalog of eukaryotic orthologous protein-coding genes across 48 vertebrates, 33 arthropods, 73 fungi, and 12 basal metazoans. Orthology refers to the last common ancestor of the species under consideration, and thus OrthoDB explicitly delineates orthologs at each radiation along the species phylogeny. The database of orthologs presents available protein descriptors, together with Gene Ontology and InterPro attributes, which serve to provide general descriptive annotations of the orthologous groups, and facilitate comprehensive orthology database querying.

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OrthoDB 2010: 44 vertebrates, 25 arthropods, 46 fungi, and 5 basal metazoans
OrthoDB 2009: 40 vertebrates, 23 arthropods, and 32 fungi
OrthoDB 2008: 15 vertebrates, 20 arthropods, and 23 fungi

Please Cite:
Waterhouse RM, Zdobnov EM, Tegenfeldt F, Li J, Kriventseva EV.
OrthoDB: the hierarchical catalog of eukaryotic orthologs in 2011.
NAR, Jan 2011, PMID:20972218

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