Database of Orthologous Groups

2) Specify copy-number profile (above)

Text Search

  • The database is searchable by the relevant identifiers of proteins or orthologous groups, as well as by keywords associated with the protein annotation in UniProt and EnsEMBL, e.g. 'Q12449' or 'hsp70'
    [click 'Search' to execute!].
  • You can use ‘+’ and ‘-' to require presence or absence of the keywords,
  • ‘*’ as the wildcard,
  • and quotes to match a phrase literally (e.g. “cytochrome c”).

Hierarchy by tree

  • The query is limited with respect to the selected root marked by red.
  • Click on the radiation node to select it.

Filter by copy-number

  • To specify the copy-number for each species, expand the selectors.
  • ‘?’ stands for no restriction (“any”), and ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘>1’ are self explanatory.
  • You can also choose a common but more complex to express profile from the dropdown selector.

Sequence search

  • You can retrieve orthologous groups by homology to your sequence by Blast'ing it
  • Paste your sequence in any format.
  • Only one sequence is considered.
  • Top 5 matches from different species are returned and used to retrieve corresponding orthologous groups.
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